Die Notariats- und Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Paul & Partner in Berlin


Our office regularly conducts the training for Referendarinnen and Referendare as well as for skilled legal personnel working in a notary’s or lawyer’s office.

Training young people is very important to us. Supporting them on their journey of apprenticeship is a great pleasure to us.

If you consider an apprenticeship in this exciting field, send us your significant application via mail or email.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Referendarinnen/Referendare (persons receiving practical training after graduating from university):

The professional training of Referendaren is very important to us. During their assignment to a lawyer as well as during their optional assignment, we offer our training facilities to young colleagues. Here, we are happy to consider the applicants’ wishes and needs. The training includes the whole range of a lawyer’s activities, from attending the first conversation with a new client, to any non-judicial activities, and to the judicial enforcement of a claim.

As far as possible, we also provide opportunities to attend mediation sessions as an observer.

Skilled legal personnel working in a notary’s or lawyer’s office:

For the past 30 years, we have been training young school-leavers to become skilled legal personnel working in a notary’s or lawyer’s office. Hereby our special focus lies on the field of the notary’s office.

Training and further training in the field of mediation:

In the context of several further-training-programs, Christoph C. Paul and Dana Peić-Thiel are qualified trainers and instructors for future mediators (Mr. Paul for example for Cross-Border Family Mediation).